Post Tan Care

  • After your spray tan, avoid wearing a bra for at least 1 hour or longer if you don't have anything planned after your tans! Bring or have loose clothes ready to put on after your spray tan has been applied. We recommend long pajamas or joggers and a hoodie!


  • Avoid water and sweating until after your first shower. Getting wet or sweating prior to your first shower can cause streaking or spotting on your spray! Even avoid any sweet kisses from your dog, this can leave white spots too!


  • Your artist will provide the appropriate time to shower after your spray tan service. Shower within an hour of this time for the best results.


  • When you shower, spend 5-6 minutes rinsing with just warm water to remove the bronzer from your skin. You can use soap after your 5–6-minute rinse but it is not required. If you choose to use soap, wash lightly with your hand or soap bar and avoid loofas and washcloths.


  • Moisturize with lotion after your first shower and at least 1-2 times a day when your spray tan is on. This will help your tan last as long as possible! We recommend purchasing spray tan safe lotion from your artist post- appointment.


  • Avoid all Dial, Irish Springs, and Bath and Body Works lotions/products after your spray tan. These products cause streaking in your spray tan and can affect the longevity of your tan.
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